Faith And Health Go Hand In Hand

The community you belong to or the faith you practice has an obvious impact on your lifestyle and health condition. It might sound surprising but a correlation does exist. There are infinite journals and books dated back to the 20th century which have found links between a person’s religion and the direct influence of the same on the health of people. On a broader perspective, health is indexed in four dimensions; namely:

•    Physical Health

•    Social Health

•    Spiritual Health

•    Mental Health

The fabulous news for the readers is that an individual’s religious practices, traditions, and spirituality have a positive effect on overall health.

Constructive Implications Of Religion

A person’s behavior is the result of their upbringing. And one cannot deny that the upbringing of a child is dependent on the community or religion they belong. Irrespective of the faith one follows, the sacred texts and historical narratives in every religion have accounts or events to bring fruitful living of the human race. Every faith encourages the following health benefits to the devotees:

  • Longevity: All communities practice certain texts, stories, and religious framework; and all these encourage healthy behavior for the people to live long. All wrong habits are cursed and healthy influences are extracted to lower the mortality rate. People involved in religious events more often ten to have improved physical health as the preachings enlighten them to live a sinless life and stay aloof of harmful substances.
  • Stress-free: Whether you pray or not, the effect of religious upbringing and spiritual community tends to occupy your mental and emotional health. The prayers and worships affect the brain’s health in more than one way. One remains relaxed, stress-free, happy and satisfied with one’s life. The psychological well-being is vital for healthy survival and it has been found that positive beliefs bring positivity in the overall mental health of the people.
  • Disease-free: There is scientific proof to the fact that people having devotion in their religion have less cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, better immune system, less depressive symptoms, less psychotic disorders and cope well against any trauma. The positive religious sentiments of every health help the masses against ill-health and diseases.
  • Satisfaction: The people associated with events and community missions are better satisfied with their lives. Moreover, they are contributing the society by helping others through charities, self-involvement and voluntary services. In an effort to improve the lives of the needy, they themselves are miraculously healing themselves.

Science, Faith, And Health

Since time immemorial, researchers and professionals are studying on religious beliefs and their impacts on the well-being of an individual. There are countless journals, handbooks and literary works that reveal the positive impacts of faith on a person’s psychological, clinical and physical health. The scholarly studies have supported efficacious influence and as such, it is significant to trust in the faith you pursue. Stay connected, be influenced and improve your health in all dimensions by staying with spirituality and religion. The positive relationship between the two cannot be repudiated.